NBC Missions objective is to be intentional in our effort to obey the primary task given by Jesus for believers to go and make disciples of all the nations.

How will the church facilitate equipping and involving members to participate in overseas missions?

Information of missions updates

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a)   Distribution of missions news

b)   Up-to-date prayer requests from the missionaries & mission field

 c)   News from missionaries & missionaries in fellowship

d)   Organize missions seminar

 e)   Publicise mission conferences

Instruction of missions enterprise

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a)   Pulpit programme

b)   Church missions seminar

c)   National missions conference

Implementation of mission-related activities

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a)   Short-term missions trips

b)   Increased missions budget

c)   Correspondent with missionaries

d)   Prayer for missionaries during worship service & Cell Group

e)   Participate in missions seminar

“Missions aren’t just for superstars. A missionary is just like you. Ordinary folks through whom God does the extraordinary.”

Charles Swindoll